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Tax Services

The taxation system in Singapore was established during colonial times under the British. Till this day, taxation precedents and references from the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries are still employed. Recent developments in Singapore have been close in line with changes made by authorities in the United Kingdom and Australia. With these new developments, taxation is no longer a straightforward matter, and both corporations and individuals should factor tax implications into their decision.

BSL Tax Services Pte Ltd has an experienced team of tax professionals who can provide its clients with value added services through its strong pool of resources to seek long-term, value-driven relationships with our clients, be they private individuals or corporations.

Discover how our tax consulting teams can assist in the various aspects of your tax matters.

Corporate and Personal Tax Services

We, at BSL, pride ourselves in going beyond preparing tax returns and basic tax planning. Tapping upon the expertise of our tax specialists, we are always working towards keeping our clients updated of new opportunities and challenges to assist them in expanding their businesses and securing tax savings.

With core competencies encompassing those listed below, our taxation consulting team offers a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of industries to provide sophisticated and quality tax advice specially tailored to your needs.

Corporate Tax Services

  1. Corporate tax compliance
  2. Formulate strategies for implementing effective tax planning
  3. Capital allowances studies to identify qualifying plant and machinery
  4. GST planning, compliance and GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) review
  5. Manage tax audits
  6. Review and assess tax treaty benefits
  7. Review and develop effective profit repatriation strategies
  8. Structure investments including cross border transactions to achieve tax efficiency
  9. Tax strategy reviews
  10. Tax due diligence on acquisitions and divestments of business etc

Personal Tax Services

  1. Succession planning
  2. Expatriate tax planning
  3. Salary packaging
  4. Estate tax planning

Business Consulting

We provide extensive corporate and consulting services for clients based in Singapore and overseas. As business consultants, we are proactive in presenting recommendations and opportunities which will enhance our clients’ businesses and investments.

We work with clients to provide answers and sound business advice in complex situations. Our experienced consultants endeavor to provide value-added services, helping companies navigate critical transitions in their business.

These services include:

  1. Business administration and systems analysis, design and implementation
  2. Business broking and restructuring
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Corporate strategic planning
  5. Entrepreneur exchange
  6. Financial advisory services
  7. Mergers and acquisitions
  8. Inward and outward investment structuring
  9. Logistic applications software development
  10. Tax due diligence

We are also capable of undertaking special projects that cover:

  1. Business system analysis, design and implementation
  2. Tax due diligence review for mergers and acquisitions
  3. Broking IPOs
  4. Facilitating management buyouts
  5. Facilitating administration and consulting on strategic corporate governance
  6. Global corporate strategic planning
  7. Cross border transactions
  8. Inward and outward investment planning
  9. Business systems planning

Business Services

At BSL, we believe in holding our clients’ hands and growing together. With over 35 years of personal experience, we can be your trusted lieutenant from the day an idea is born until targets are reached and beyond. Whether dealing with day-to-day business concerns, higher level issues or new challenges in the market place, our follow-through approach focuses on “what we can do” rather than what we cannot.

Our services include:

  1. Creating business plans
  2. Business structuring
  3. Preparation of financial and management buyouts
  4. Analysis and optimisation of business processes
  5. Setting up operational systems
  6. Assistance to the recruitment of key staff
  7. Advice on cashflow management
  8. Advice on business development and expansion
  9. Advice on strategic business planning
  10. Advice on succession planning

Family Entrepreneurial Business

Many family businesses have been entrusted to our care since their incorporation. Whether seeking to grow their businesses or requiring well executed exit strategies, special knowledge of family dynamics means that we can assist our clients in achieving their full potential.

Our services include:

  1. Preparation of business plans
  2. Liaison with non-working family members
  3. Design of the family constitution
  4. Creation of wealth outside the family business
  5. Transfer of the business to the next generation
  6. Sale of the family business
  7. Recommendation of exit strategies for the original founders

Our clients include renowned family businesses in Singapore, which are all renowned in their respective industries. Currently, our wide range of clients covers:

  • - Food manufacturing companies
  • - Computer consulting companies
  • - Property developers
  • - Chinese medical practitioners

International Business

BSL has fostered strong ties globally through its long-standing membership of AGN International Ltd (AGN). By accessing the resources of our global association, we are positioned to give all-round business advice and professional services which our clients require in all parts of the world.

Being situated in one of the busiest business hubs in Asia, BSL has assisted multinational corporations establish offices in Singapore. Singaporean companies venturing to become global enterprises have mobilised our strong global links to plan and penetrate overseas markets.

Our services include:

  1. Provision of foreign investment and business guidelines
  2. Facilitation and negotiation of joint ventures and contracts
  3. Incorporation of foreign trading vehicles
  4. Implementation of global operating structures
  5. Advice on cross border transactions
  6. International fund capital resourcing

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