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2020 - Issue 2

Property Tax Rebate
As part of the COVID 19 relief measures, the Minister for Finance has announced, in the FY2020 Budget and FY2020 Supplementary Budget, a property tax rebate of up to 100% of non residential properties for the tax payable in 2020. The rebate is intended to help businesses deal with the impact from COVID 19[...]


Guidelines and cost-saving measures to manage excess manpower

The Singapore Budget 2020 was announced in February. Given the fast changing nature of the global economy, employers are looking to cut costs in the daily operations. Payroll takes 30% to 50% of every dollar earned. Naturally employers will be looking at cutting staff costs. We detail out options that most businesses can embark on when considering alternatives to retrenchment. Taking on a long-term business view to keeping your staff is important to business continuity, especially when times are tough.[...]


2020 - Issue 1

SG United and New Resilience 2020 Budget
Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak from China that has since become a worldwide pandemic, the SG United Budget on 18 Feb 2020 was announced. As expected, the Minister of Finance gave a comprehensive supportive budget that aimed at helping adversely affected businesses and households[...]



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