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Accounting Services

BSL Management Services Pte Ltd is poised to assist your business with its outsourced accounting, administrative and payroll needs. Our team of dedicated professionals provides an integrated service platform and knowledge base that provides the tools and know-how for your continued success.

Our strength lies in our flexibility. Our depth allows us to offer the full array of accounting and consulting services to larger businesses. If your enterprise is smaller, we help you on the path to building growth – we can even meet you at your location if necessary. In all scenarios, we are personal enough to know your business on an intimate level.

BSL Management Services is able to assist you in all accounting, administrative, payroll services etc to provide the tools and knowledge for your continued success.

Why Outsource?

There are benefits from outsourcing of functions such as payroll, accounting etc, that need to be appreciated.

Efficient Utilisation of Manpower and Resources

Through outsourcing, companies do not have to worry about shortage of labor, recruiting, training and retraining staffs. Such mundane and at times, time consuming problems can be eliminated with external professionals being put responsible. BSL Management Services, as an outsourced vendor, possesses the right expertise and efficient infrastructure to execute the non-core functions effectively and hassle-free.
Furthermore, companies who outsource their non-core business functions could divert their funds and manpower to the core functions, achieving more value-add to their limited resources.

Focus On Business Objectives

A great deal of time and resources are usually unnecessarily consumed because companies tend to fire-fight, depriving of the capability to focus on the “big” picture when bogged down with non-critical tasks and secondary activities. With the consistent monitoring and worrying over such activities eliminated through the engagement of a service provider, companies are better able to focus on achieving their business goals and objectives, paying more attention to areas that help make more profits.

Reliable And Innovative Advice

As your outsourced vendor, we seek to provide value-add services by making an effort to understand your business operations, analysing your financial statements, thereafter offering sound, reliable and innovative advice or solutions to cut costs or improve existing business processes. The ultimate benefit that we aim to achieve is to derive cost savings for our clients.

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